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radiant health and self realization

OM EinDor 

Health and Spiritual  Mentor 

Your well-being is my mission.
Leading you from wherever you are now,
to Radiant health and Self realization
is my passion.
Helping people transform their physical and spiritual health and unlock their full potential is what I do.

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I Can help you

Transform your life and...

  • Become the healthy, inspired, motivated and happy person, you were born to be.

  • Customize a path for your specific needs

  • Mentor, educate and train you so you can follow it and make it your lifestyle

  • Keep you accountable!

  • My Driving Forces

    My Intention

    Reduce & Eliminate pain & Suffering

    My mission is to help you and your kids, reduce or eliminate pain and suffering. Now and/or in their future. Success comes with knowledge, proper application, practice and accountability partner.

    My Mission

    Turn Seekers to Seers

    If you are a health seeker and /or a spiritual seeker, it is time for you to stop searching and start finding. Stop looking for... and start seeing. Stop the confusion and gain clarity Remove all limitations and be free, Physically, mentally, and spiritually. It is time for you to experience Radiant Health, Self- realization and ultimate self-expression.

    My Way

    Educate and Train you in the Science of radiant Health & Self-Realization

    The good news is that there are very clear methods, applications and practices that will help transform every area in your life. Your body, your mind and your spiritual connection. All you need is a guide that walks the walk and masters what they teach. Who will not only teach you how but will also be there throughout the journey to hold you accountable and responsible so you can reach your ultimate state of well-being.

    What I do

    Spiritual Mentor

    A mentorship program designed for spiritual seekers who desire to turn into seers and finally find what they are really looking for. 

    Free Consultation

    Healthy Living Mentor

    A diet and lifestyle mentorship program for health seekers who desire to experience radiant health.

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    Raw Alkaline Diet Mentor

    Transform your life from your gut. Learn to Self-heal through cleansing and nourishing your body with food.

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    OM is the Author of Radiant Health and Self Realization- A Health and Spiritual Transformation. She writes and mentor on healthy living and spiritual practice.

    Free Consultation

    OMline Channels of Service

    Promoting Radiant Health & Self Realization

    The guides on the right leads to the various channels of learning and getting the support that you need and deserve on the path to Radiant health and Self Realization

    Where to start?

  • Schedule a free consultation / Conversation with OM

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  • Join a Free Webinar and start learning

  • Go to OMline Academy and have a look at the courses. If you find one that answers your current needs, commit to your own health and spiritual development.

  • Spent the past 37years, Investigating, practicing, and teaching the art and science of radiant health and self-realization. For 18 years I served as a Swami in an international Yoga-Vedanta Organization, devoting my life to the wellbeing of thousands of students and the pursuit of unconditional truth. In 2009 I founded OMline Ashram. A Health and Spiritual Training Center with the goal of eradicating and reducing suffering. I strive to turn Seekers into Seers. Saw through the years students from around the world, with a desire to transform their physical, mental, and spiritual health and wellbeing, failing miserably and not getting results, due to lack of continuous accountability and too much philosophy that left them even more confused and broken. In my book Radiant Health & Self-Realization - A health and spiritual transformation, I created a clear practical path to wellbeing. It is my honor and my blessing to mentor health and spiritual seekers that are tired of "trying" to get results. that have been to so many gurus but are still confused. I only work with a few people at a time and only with those who have the desire and will to go through self-transformation and are willing to apply and be accountable. If you show up and give it your all, I will commit to being there with you every step of the way to co-create the life you were born to live. A life of health and spiritual freedom.

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    OM, personally answers every email. Please allow 24-72 hours for her reply.

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    Success stories

    Cases of Transformation.

    Thank you for providing a transformational week for me. I have lots of tools to carry-on and hope that your Ashram will keep thriving with abundant light. – Ray Hatami, Los Angeles

    Ray Hatami, Los Angeles California

    Participated in a week long program

    “When people around me asking me how I succeeded to do it, I always tell them about you-It has been the great fortune in my life to know you and receive guidance from you. True, in the beginning it was not so easy, but you were there all along supporting me anytime I needed you and I have been telling everyone proudly about my current state of health and well being. Thank you my dear, I warmly recommend to anyone who wants to live a healthy life to enjoy the wonderful opportunity to be guided by you. Thank you-with all my heart, love,” !!

    Lena Wolf

    On going Mentorship

    “Thank you so much…For a transformational time. I really needed it…I came for a week and ended up staying for two weeks. I came exhausted and went back home rejuvenated. I even manage to loose weight. The teachings , especially for me, the positive thinking workshop was a key to my transformation. Finally I feel like I am IN charge on my life. It gave me a sense of freedom. I can go on…But again I just wanted to say thank you to you and Alex for everything you are…I will be back!

    Malca Belo

    Two weeks program

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